In the Dragon’s Lair by Joy Lynn Fielding [ePub]

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In the Dragon’s Lair (Wings over Albion #2) by Joy Lynn Fielding

Nate Mortimer is hot, funny, and kissing him is like falling into the sun.
He’s also the last man I should ever be with.
He’s smooth, wealthy, and practically dragon royalty. Me? I’m just a dragon from the Cornish countryside. Or so I like people to think.
I’m investigating the Fortescues, one of the richest, most powerful dragon families in Britain. Problem is, I’m not the only one who’s undercover. Every time I turn around, Nate’s in my way.
Can I trust him? He has his own issues with the Fortescues. Those dragons are dangerous, and his plotting could draw me into a lethal power struggle. His emotional baggage and troublesome ex? Also problematic.
And none of that helps me keep my mind—or hands—off him.
If I’m not careful, falling for the wrong dragon-shifter could cost me so much more than just my heart…

In the Dragon’s Lair – Joy Lynn Fielding

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