If Only You Hurt by Stefanie Castro

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If Only You Hurt (If Only #3) by Stefanie Castro

Laney and Grant grew up together, and their lives were intertwined in a way that only made their love for each other blossom. The moment both see a future beyond friendship, tragedy strikes.

Laney James had her life on the right track. She grew up surrounded by love, and as the years passed, her best friend became her soulmate. Unfortunately, life had a different plan, and she didn’t realize the cataclysmic effect that would have on her future. In the span of a few minutes, Laney’s existence shifted into a shell of what it once was, and now she was left to cope and navigate down a path that consumed her with fear and the unknown.

Grant Stanley was always the carefree person who knew no matter what life handed him, he’d tackle it with his best friend nearby. What started as an innocent friendship blossomed into a love he never expected. His movements became centered around whatever outcome would lead to his love for Laney. The moment her life took a drastic turn, his heart had to shift with her. Laney was his everything until one day when she unearths a secret that might destroy the one relationship that meant the world to each of them.

If Only You Hurt – Stefanie Castro

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