Icebound Attraction by Nina Norris [ePub]

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Icebound Attraction by Nina Norris

CAMPUS SPORTS ROMANCE- It’s hard to focus when the object of your fantasies is right in front of you.

New York University is Emily’s dream! When she joins the University’s newspaper to complete her journalism studies, she has to interview Liam Scott: the – extremely hot – captain of the ice hockey team. Who also has a reputation as the campus playboy. The young woman promises herself to be professional and stay away from him.
Liam, on the other hand, has a single goal in mind: a place in the NHL. He trains hard for it! But his grades are catastrophic and his coach is putting pressure on him. A good university record would give him a better chance of being scouted, and it would give him a plan B. Parties, girls: no more temptations, he has to concentrate!
But as they meet, it’s hard to deny their attraction to each other… Emily tries hard to see Liam only as a player, and Liam tries to focus on his goals, struggling to reconcile ice hockey and studies.
As passion flares on the rink, will they slip on thin ice or forge an unbreakable bond?

Icebound Attraction – Nina Norris

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