Huntress of Sherwood by KC Kingmaker

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Huntress of Sherwood (Robin Hood and Her Merciless Men #2) by KC Kingmaker

Sherwood Forest is more ruthless than ever, and I have to fight to stay ahead of the hunt.
Little John is missing. With the leader of the Merry Men gone, morale is dying. Someone has to fill his huge shoes.
I’ve been elected as boss, but leading is not as easy as I hoped it would be. Many of the men won’t follow a woman. At least Will, Alan, and Tuck always have my back. But we need Little John back. Our group has a gaping hole in it without him.
Which means finding him. I’ll do whatever I need to get him back: scheming, extorting, and yes, killing.
While hunting for clues of Little John’s whereabouts, something else is going on in the forest around us. Younglings are being shipped around. Rebellion is afoot, and it’s not us.
I want to turn our gang of bandits into a community of revolutionaries. But we not only need more people to join us, we need the right people to join us. Because like it or not, a fight with Sir Guy of Gisborne, Sheriff George of Nottingham, and even Prince John himself is coming.
If we aren’t ready for it, we’re dead.

Huntress of Sherwood – KC Kingmaker

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