Hunter by Taylor K Scott

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Hunter (Reawakened #2) by Taylor K Scott

To love is to embrace all that we are, even the scars of our past…

I found love at six years old with the boy who finally got me to speak.
I gave him everything I could, loving him to the point of breaking myself; loving him even when I knew I shouldn’t.
Tragedy struck and instead of being there for me, he hurt me to the point of pushing me back inside of my shell.
That is until I became fake engaged to an up-and-coming movie star who needed reining in. A second chance presented itself; a chance to live again. The question is, how will I escape the boy who still believes I belong to him?

Louisa Flynn is an enigma.
Brilliant at her job, always polite, but even after two years of working for me, I don’t know anything about her.
But we all have our secrets, including me, so who am I to question her?
That is until I offer her a special task of being a fake fiancée to one of my clients. Accepting my proposition reveals another side to Louisa, a side I cannot help but want to unpick and keep for myself.
The question is, will her secrets prove to be a little too deadly for me? And if so, will I be able to give her up?

Hunter – Taylor K Scott

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