How to Bare Your Neck and Save a Wreck by D. N. Bryn

How to Bare Your Neck and Save a Wreck (Guides For Dating Vampires #3) by D. N. Bryn – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

“I only take what’s owed me, and you, my little swan, owe me blood.”A single kiss from a masked vampire has left Shane with an obsession and a mission: uncover the secrets of the black-market blood trade and find his mystery vampire in the process. But one knock at the wrong door and he could have fangs at his throat instead of lips.Andres is trying to forget his kiss with Shane Crowley by drowning himself in his work as a thief for the blood trade. When his boss seizes an overcurious Shane to drain his blood, though, Andres’s only option is to buy him for every drop he’ll ever produce. This new ownership awakens thoughts of glittering collars—thoughts Andres knows are the desires of a monster.But Andres needs blood to live, and he’s going to have it from Shane, even if that means donning a mask once more and demanding Shane bare his neck during nightly excursions.Soon, Shane feels pulled in all directions, between the strange desires his role as Andres’s part-time blood slave is stirring in him, his investigations into the cycle of injustice that so many fanged citizens face, and a new friend whose mouth seems strangely familiar. Little does he know, every path leads back to the same vampire…

How to Bare Your Neck and Save a Wreck – D. N. Bryn ePUB

Download How to Bare Your Neck and Save a Wreck by D. N. Bryn

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