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House of Ashes (Dragonesse #1) by Cate Corvin

No one burns for revenge like a dragon.

I lost everything when my mother and I were sentenced to exile by my own father.
My home, my throne, my promised prince… all of it stolen for a crime I didn’t commit.
Now my father is dead without a lawful heir, and the dragon Houses are at war for the vacant throne. Only a mate-bonded dragon and his rider can ascend to it—and without a dragon I have no claim.
Until Rhylan blazes back into my life with a proposition.
He’s deadly, alluring, the prince of a powerful House… and the one responsible for my exile.
But ow he offers me a way out of banishment: pretend to be mates, and seize the throne together.
Accepting the aid of my enemy means I finally have a chance to bring my life back from the ashes of the past. To take the throne that was meant to be mine, with the very dragon who once burned down my world.
If the deception of our mate-bond is ever discovered, we’ll be executed for defying draconic law.
Yet that isn’t the deadliest part in this game of war and revenge.
The longer we pretend we’re in love, the less I believe it’s a lie.

House of Ashes – Cate Corvin

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