His Dark Pull by Raven Reeves

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His Dark Pull (Forbidden Desires #1) by Raven Reeves

He was my first love. He was also my downfall.

Three years ago, Alexander Bourne vanished from my life, leaving me with nothing but a shattered heart and unanswered questions. Now he’s back, more powerful than ever, and his touch is a searing brand on my skin, awakening a desire I thought buried.
But Alexander’s world is one of shadows and secrets, a world where the lines between right and wrong blur. As I’m drawn deeper into his web, I uncover a truth that threatens his connection to the ruthless Veles Network, a criminal organization terrorizing the city. They’ve targeted me, and I’m caught in the crossfire.

Torn between my desire for a safe life and the intoxicating thrill of Alexander’s darkness, I’m forced to choose. But in a world of betrayal and deceit, who can I trust? And how far am I willing to go for a love that might destroy us both?

His Dark Pull – Raven Reeves

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