His Damaged Fate by Jena Wade [ePub]

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His Damaged Fate (Asilo Pride #6) by Jena Wade, Lorelei M. Hart

I joined Steelwick with one goal in mind; make a difference. And make a difference I did… only not the good kind. Because of me an Alpha was nearly convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. Steelwick’s Alpha Elect tells me it is a life’s lesson in action. Tell that to the poor alpha who’s life I almost stole.
I’m no longer going on missions, not trusting myself to be the enforcer they need. But when my Alpha Elect tells me that someone from my former pack is here and needs Steelwick’s help, I can’t decline. Only problem; They forgot to mention that Thomas is currently a member of Aisilo—the pride where I botched everything up.

For weeks it was as if my cat had gone crazy, scenting things that weren’t there. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. My mate had visited Asilo territory, I was sure of it. Only I hadn’t met them so I had no idea where they were. When I tracked them to the Steelwick pride, I threw caution to the wind in order to face them. I just hoped I wasn’t too late.

His Damaged Fate – Jena Wade, Lorelei M. Hart

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