Hiding from Her by Neyha [ePub]

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Hiding from Her (Hide-n-Seek #1) by Neyha

Her :
Chaos is his second name… or his fourth. Honestly, I’ve lost count.
The more his paint washes off, the more secrets come out too. But then how could I have known that one of those secrets would have the power to change my destiny forever?
My life was not exactly a fairy tale, nor did I ever expect it to be. However, the way things were before him, I had never expected it to be a nightmare either.

Him :
Fever is her second name… or her fourth. Honestly, I don’t even remember how many names I’ve given her.
The more I chase her, the more she slips away. How could I have ever known that entrapping her would be so easy; that I always had it in me to change her destiny.
But when the demons from my past emerge, my entire game topples. Because this time, they aren’t hunting me. They’re hunting her.

Hiding from Her – Neyha

Download Hiding from Her by Neyha [ePub]

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