Hide Away With You by Judy Corry

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He’d do anything to protect her…even if it means disappearing forever.
When my brother’s best friend took me under his wing after my family was killed, the last thing I expected was to fall for him.He was older, more experienced—and to keep people from asking questions, he was also my fake stepbrother.Catching feelings for the man who’d become my protector wasn’t supposed to happen.Until it did.And he fell for me too.But I should have known better than to believe in fairytales.

Because just six months after he proposed, Evan vanished into thin air.Heartbroken and confused, it isn’t until a year later that I find a clue that brings me face to face with the man I once knew.Only, he’s not the same man I fell in love with.He’s cold. Powerful.Dangerous.And even though he knows me better than anyone, he acts as if we’re strangers.Could the man I fell for be hiding under this new mask? Or did he die the day he disappeared?
HIDE AWAY WITH YOU is a heart-pounding, closed-door romance. It’s book one in the Kings of Eden Falls series but can be read as a standalone.

Hide Away With You – Judy Corry ePUB

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