Hidden Passion by C.A. Mortimer

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Hidden Passion (Regency Men in Love #3) by C.A. Mortimer, Carole Mortimer

HIDDEN PASSION (Regency Men in Love 3) is the third book in the quartet of MM Regency Romances, written by #1 International Bestselling Author Carole Mortimer as C A MORTIMER. Each book features a different couple and can be read as a standalone, but characters from previous books in the series may make an appearance or are mentioned.

Hidden Passion features Wulfram Edmund Fitzherbert, the haughty and stern Duke of Wulferston, and the cheeky and outspoken Billy Brown.
When the irrepressible Billy Brown accepts a temporary position in the household of the austere Duke of Wulferston, he does so fully aware that his attraction to the much older duke will never be reciprocated.
Wulf is a man of experience and sophistication, a member of parliament and a magistrate, and yet the life of respectability he has deliberately built for himself ceases to be important when it comes to the desire he feels to make the irrepressible Billy Brown his own.
But all it not as it seems in the duke’s household, and it falls to Billy to expose the person responsible.

Will Wulf believe him, or will he assume, given Billy’s circumstances, that Billy himself is to blame?

Hidden Passion – C.A. Mortimer, Carole Mortimer

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