Heritage of Fire by K.P. Haven [ePub]

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Heritage of Fire (Blood Ties and Legacies Duet #2) by K.P. Haven

The best thing to happen to our family was the murder of my uncle.
My father is the new underboss tasked with cleaning up the recent fallout. He decides an arranged marriage is the best way to mend ties between the Cosa Nostra and the Bratva. As the eldest daughter—groomed since birth and molded into the perfect bargaining chip—I’m forced to do my part.
Choice is defined as selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities; what happens when it’s taken from you?

Loyalty is paramount, but it can cost you.
The Bratva are my brothers, and when a secret society invades our territory I choose to enter an arranged marriage. An alliance is pivotal, and I’m pressed to find answers. It’s a contract—a transaction—I will not bend to make her comfortable. But when I glimpse the fire that ignites in her soft brown eyes, I’m pulled in.
It’s only a matter of time before she leaves. They always do.

Heritage of Fire is an arranged marriage, closed-door mafia romance, and book 2 in the Blood Ties and Legacies Duet. While it follows a new couple, it is HIGHLY recommended you read Heritage of Blood first as Mafia plot elements carry over and continue from B1.

Heritage of Fire – K.P. Haven

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