Herald the Night by Jay Leigh [ePub]

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Herald the Night (The Rainbow Brigade #4) by Jay Leigh

Conflict tore them apart; can love bring them back together?
Trouble brews between Connor O’Brien and Theo Moreau as they adjust to their new life alongside Theo’s siblings. Buckling under the weight of the betrayal and danger that haunts them, they battle a new enemy—heartbreak. Desperate to rekindle the passion, romance, and comfort they once found in one another, the couple strives to give their love story a second chance.
But sometimes, love might not be enough. Tensions and emotions run high as they discover another dangerous enemy lurking in the shadows. Despite the lingering hurt and uncertainty, Theo and Connor cling to one another in a race to survive as they work alongside their friends to unearth the stalker’s identity before it’s too late.
Dive into this gripping, suspenseful tale of two young men in a desperate fight for survival and a second chance at their happily ever after.

Herald the Night – Jay Leigh

Download Herald the Night by Jay Leigh [ePub]

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