Her Shifter Babe by Amelia Shaw

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Her Shifter Babe (Her Shifter Babe (Perfect Pairs #6) by Amelia Shaw, Tamsin Baker

I will never be a doormat to a man again. My daughter deserves better than that!

Coming from nothing, I’ve worked hard to achieve my dreams, and just when they’re within reach I make one terrible mistake. I allow myself to be charmed by a man who seems too good to be true. And before long, I realize he’s what nightmares are made of.
Seizing an opportunity, I run for it, only to bump into one of the handsomest men I’ve ever met. The sexy gentleman comes to my rescue … and one thing leads to another! Six months later and pregnant, I’m desperate to find the father of my child—the sexy doctor who showed me kindness when I needed it most.

Through a stroke of luck, I find him and his stoic twin brother. Our connection is electric and the three of us become entangled. Their protection and willingness to accept me as I am means everything to me. My baby could have the stable home I’ve always dreamed of…
But Jamie hasn’t forgotten about me, and he won’t give me up without a fight. Can the twins protect me, or am I destined to pay for the mistakes of my past forever?

Her Shifter Babe- Amelia Shaw, Tamsin Baker

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