Her Possessive Daddy by Kate Oliver

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Her Possessive Daddy (West Coast Daddies #5) by Kate Oliver

Previously published as Trusting Her Daddy by Kate Oliver.

Carly thinks Damian Scott is the bossiest of bossy bodyguards. If it wasn’t for her brother, who believes she’s in serious danger, she could be free from Damian’s controlling overbearing self. Even worse, he keeps trying to insist that she’s got a little girl inside her, just waiting to come out. As if!
Damian doesn’t know what he sees in Carly Sterling. Sure, she has a great career as a top-tier makeup artist, but she’s also a stubborn, mouthy brat. Too bad his heart knows that she’s “the one.” Now he just has to convince her.
Carly has learned that it’s not safe to show the hidden parts of herself – it always ends badly. Can she learn to trust Damian, not only to protect her but to care for her and love her?

Her Possessive Daddy – Kate Oliver

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