Her Orc Blacksmiths by Zoe Ashwood [ePub]

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Her Orc Blacksmiths (Black Bear Clan #7) by Zoe Ashwood

I wanted a husband…and got two orc mates instead.

When my groom-to-be leaves me standing alone at the altar, I only want to escape. So I pack my bags and sneak out of my parents’ house in the middle of the night. But instead of going to a larger human city, I turn north, toward the orc lands.
I’ve heard enough about orcs to know they treat women well, and I want a husband of my own – one who won’t run away but would cherish and love me instead.
But now two orc blacksmiths want to claim me, saying I’m their fated mate.
I should be happy to have either one of them – but what if picking only one will ruin all our chances of happiness?

Her Orc Blacksmiths – Zoe Ashwood

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