Her Cold Brute by Rosa Mink

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Her Cold Brute by Rosa Mink

I grew up in a wolf pack, although I’m a hundred percent human. My mom’s mate loved me, treated me as his entirely, as do my brothers, but I want nothing to do with shifters once I graduate beyond my family. I want as far from this place as possible, from the violent, obsessive beasts as I can get. I never imagined I would almost die at their hands, but it certainly reinforces my desire to get away from them, soon.
That chance is taken away from me almost as quickly as my life nearly was, and before I know it, I’m on my way to some unknown mountain with the brute that attacked the pack. He claims I’m his mate, but I’ll never be that. He’ll never be anything more than the enemy, especially if he learns the one thing I never dared tell anyone else.

My mother was rejected by her true mate, leading to her early demise. My father, who claimed her as his after losing his own true mate, followed her into an early grave, leaving me without a pack or a clan, as the bears wouldn’t accept a wolf as their itan. I’ve spent years creating my own, making it strong, powerful, enough to take down the man that rejected my mother. His pack is the worst sort, and I won’t leave any that might challenge me alive.

Her Cold Brute – Rosa Mink

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