Heart On Ice by Calliope Stewart

Heart On Ice (The Seattle Omegas #3) by Calliope Stewart – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Ciara Callaghan is… a lot.Her walls are a mile high and her rules are strict. One night stands only. No feelings. Leave them before they can leave her.But then a figure skating workshop in Scotland brings her face to face with alpha curler Leith Dougall.Everything about Leith is a threat to her carefully crafted walls. So when familial obligations summon her to Seattle, she takes the opportunity to save herself from inevitable heartbreak. Now even Wiz, the newest addition to the Seattle Stallion NHL team can’t make it past her impenetrable barrier.Leith has more to worry about than the beautiful alpha that left him in the dust.

He and his fellow alpha, Enzo, are desperately trying to get a diagnosis for their omega, Artie before his rapid onset of blindness ends his figure skating career.So, two years later during the 2024 Winter Olympics in Scotland, when Leith sees her again he can hardly believe it. There in front of him is the figure skater who first drew his attention because she skated with her eyes closed and a plan begins to form in his mind.

Heart On Ice – Calliope Stewart ePUB

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