HateMates by J.D. Hollyfield

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A best friend, a stalker, and a bodyguard walk into a bar…
Current status: Living my best life. *Flips hair* What more could a girl want?Just kidding.
My life has gone to shit. All the fun, late nights, and single life come to a screeching halt when I find myself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, thanks to my overbearing best friend, I’ve adopted a guard dog to keep me safe until they find the guy who attacked me.Insert Tate Deveraux, my newest inconvenience. He’s brawny, not bad on the eyes, and a pain in my ass.

Not only am I stuck with him until I’m out of danger, but he’s moving in with me.He’s become a nuisance in my life and needs to go—stalker be damned. So do the urges to strip him naked and see if the rumors about hand size hold true. I blame my crush on booze and the kiss that should have never happened.The simmering attraction between us is undeniable, but he’s made it clear I’m just a job. With lines being crossed and my life at stake, I guess I’ll find out if he’s better at keeping me safe or sated.
***THIS IS A STANDALONE NOVEL that interconnects with POWER by J.D. Hollyfield. You do not need to read POWER to enjoy Hatemates, but it is always preferred to get the full experience! Enjoy! ***

HateMates – J.D. Hollyfield ePUB

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