Hateful Games by Simran

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Hateful Games (Arranged Games #2) by Simran

Matches are made in heaven
Except mine was custom made in hell.
Scorched in the flames of hate, sown in the seed of deception and cursed with a life of doom.
A piece of paper I signed at sixteen and I was betrothed to him.
Nova D’Cruz.
The Heir to the Cruz Empire. The son of my family’s biggest rival and enemy.
Now, my arranged husband.
Villainous. Manipulative. Vindictive.
He vowed to make me burn for eternity.
Little does he know, I’ve been burnt long before he touched me.

I never wanted a wife. Period.
Certainly not a girl who roamed like she’s the devil’s own child in all her black glory.
Until my father declared I was to marry her and end the decade long rivalry between our families.
Rosalie Kapoor.

Hateful Games – Simran

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