Harvest by Delta James [ePub]

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Harvest (Tangled Vines) by Delta James

A new job, a new Dom and a fated mate… Stephanie Savik has had a busy day!

Having triumphed over being kidnapped, turned against her will and sold to a pack of wolf-shifters, Stephanie Savik is now on her way to a new job as the assistant vintner at the Luna de Lobo Vineyard. To celebrate her success, she opts to spend the night in San Francisco.
Alexander Charles was also turned without his consent—the difference being it was done by his best friend in order to save his life. Xander is now second-in-command at Luna de Lobo.
Neither believes that they will ever experience the wondrous phenomenon known as a fated mate. Imagine their surprise when they discover how wrong they are in the unlikeliest place… the famed Lifestyle club, Torch Light.

Harvest – Delta James

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