Guarding the Rock Star by Reba Bale

Guarding the Rock Star (Sapphic Security #2) by Reba Bale – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

She hates rock music, but her feelings for the rock star are a little more complicated…
WandaEver since my time in the military I’ve been known for my icy calm. Nothing bothers me. Ever. At least until I meet my new protection assignment. Rock star Tasha Blue is young, flighty, and annoying. She’s also my fated mate.The little human has no interest in vampires, bodyguards, or laying low until we can find her stalker. I can’t decide whether to spank her or mark her as mine. I might have to do both, once I’m sure she’s safe. Because now that I found her, there’s no way I’m letting her go…
TashaI’ve worked hard to become a music sensation, and I’m not going to let some woman-hating incel scare me into quitting my tour. Sure, it’s a little freaky how my stalker seems to know so much about me, but I’m sure my new bodyguard will keep me safe. She’s older than me, serious and stern, and she has terrible taste in music! But I can’t help but want to make her lose control, because when she loses control and lets her fangs down, things finally start to get interesting.I just hope I can say goodbye when this is all over. I know I’m just a client to Wanda, but when she holds me in her arms, it feels a lot like love…

Guarding the Rock Star – Reba Bale ePUB

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