Grim by L. Wilder

Grim (Satan’s Fury MC: Little Rock #1) by L. Wilder – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

I lived with one foot on the ground and one in the grave.It’s expected when you’re the enforcer of a club like Satan’s Fury.
Death was always at your heels.Waiting.Watching.Tormenting.
Death could come for me.I didn’t care.My life was nothing without my brothers.So, I did whatever it took to protect them.
I waited.I watched.

I tormented, tortured, and executed.
And in the end, the trail of blood led me to her.
She and her young daughter had fallen on hard times.I had a hand in that, so I offered them a place to stay.It was supposed to be temporary.But when they turned my world upside down, there was no going back.

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