Graceless by Ruby Landers [ePub]

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Graceless (Grace Notes #2) by Ruby Landers

Savannah Grace is on top of the world. She’s back to selling out stadium tours and winning Grammys and she’s just arrived home from her honeymoon after marrying the love of her life…nothing could burst this bubble.
Except, of course, her estranged family.
When her younger sister Cassidy shows up on her doorstep, in need of help and thoroughly – inexplicably – pissed off, the whole household gets turned on its end. Where did she spring from and why the heck is she so damn mad?
Savannah’s nanny Lane has grown all the way up, from a cute punk kid to a classic handsome heartbreaker, a long trail of short flings in their wake. They don’t have a second to waste on Cassidy, after all she’s rude, ignorant, hot-tempered and kind of a brat. It’s just…does their boss’s little sister have to be so hot?
Of course things could always get worse. Cassidy has one plan and one plan only: for her sister to turn her into a star.

Graceless – Ruby Landers

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