Gilded Smoke by Sierra MacKenzie

Gilded Smoke (Aeternus #1) by Sierra MacKenzie – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

QUINNAn accident of birth. A spurned ‘half-breed’. I’m denied a so-called ‘normal’ life due to the mixed blood running through my veins. My soul is tainted, and the only chance I have for redemption is to become a modern-day Robin Hood with the demonic royals as my targets. Yet the hand of Fate intervenes in the form of a golden-eyed demon who wants to own my soul.
ASHERIf there’s one rule you should abide by, it’s this: Never cross a demon. Especially if they belong to the demonic royal family. So when a mixed-blood temptress diverts my attention from conquering angel territory by stealing from me? This naughty little bird is about to learn a lesson she’ll never forget. That is, if she survives.

Gilded Smoke – Sierra MacKenzie ePUB

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