Ghost Tour by Pandora Pine

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Ghost Tour (Haunted Souls #19) by Pandora Pine

With the kids out of school for the summer, Detective Jude Byrne takes everyone on vacation to Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon and his grandfather, Running Eagle. The trip will be a chance for everyone to relax and enjoy some fun in the sun without a cold case to work or ghosts to hunt. Little does Jude know he’s dead wrong on both counts.
While driving through Navajo Nation on the way to a family reunion, psychic Copeland Forbes has a terrifying vision. Several women scream in agony while another begs for help. It turns out four Navajo women have disappeared without a trace over the last six months, the last being college student, Prairie Moon. With no clues to their whereabouts, the cases have all gone cold.
Wanting to help, Jude offers the services of the Salem Cold Case team to the Navajo tribal police force, which happens to be manned by three of Jude’s childhood bullies. Not sure who he can trust, Jude turns to Cope and Tennyson in hopes they can contact the missing women’s spirits for some clue to the killer’s identity.
A killer who’s closer than anyone realizes.
Can Jude and Cope rescue Prairie Moon from the monster’s clutches or will her grave be another stop on the ghost tour?

Ghost Tour – Pandora Pine

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