Gareth by Samantha Whiskey

Gareth (Billionaire’s Game #5) by Samantha Whiskey – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

I am and have been many things: owner of the Charleston Cougars, CFO of Maxfield Corp, and ex-Chicago mafia prince. One thing I was certain I’d never be called?Husband.But that was before the Irish mafia princess Serenity O’Brien showed up outside my door, calling in one of my favors.Her prick of a father was about to sell her off to an allying family like a broodmare, and she wants me to help make her unsellable by stealing her prized virginity.I can’t do that to her.So I offer to marry her instead.The solution is a temporary fix to her problem, and at least with me, I know she’ll be safe.I vow not to touch her, but she has other plans.

Gareth – Samantha Whiskey ePUB

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