Game of Revenge by Stéphanie C.

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Game of Revenge by Stéphanie C.

Amelia had always felt trapped—subject to the whims of a fickle stepfather and hemmed in by a lavish lifestyle she cared nothing about. Until one night, she is taken hostage. With no notion of why she was abducted, Amelia bides her time and plans her escape. Just when she makes her break, the mysterious man she thought was her savior turns out to be the bad-tempered villain.
But as time passes, Amelia starts to see her new captor in a better light. With every look, every touch, he breaks down her defenses and gets dangerously close to her heart.

The rules were simple:
1. Negotiate her ransom.
2. Keep her safe.
Little did he know the brown eyed, strong-willed woman he was harboring would be his undoing. It was a mistake to let her in, she wasn’t his to keep. But when danger ensues, Alejandro will stop at nothing to protect her.
As secrets and lies are revealed, Alejandro and Amelia must decide exactly how far they are willing to go. Because one wrong move in this Game of Revenge could cost them everything.

Game of Revenge – Stéphanie C.

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