Full Circle by Samantha Gail [ePub]

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Full Circle (River’s Run Duet) by Samantha Gail

Celeste Hendricks has lived in the small town of River’s Run, Georgia her entire life. After the tragic death of her mother, Celeste is lost and broken. Her family’s restaurant, The Comfy Cushion, just isn’t the same without her mother, and she doesn’t know how to move forward…until Wesley enters her life.
Wesley Madden is the unwanted son and heir of Madden Enterprises. Kicked out of every elite school in Atlanta, his father is fed up and sends him to live with a distant relative in the tiny town of River’s Run. Wesley is despondent and angry at the world…until Celeste crosses his path.
As tragedy strikes again, forcing them apart, Celeste and Wesley have to learn how to survive alone. One day fate intervenes, reuniting them in River’s Run, where their feelings are just as strong as ever and their worlds collide. They are the only ones who can decide—does love ever come full circle?

Full Circle – Samantha Gail

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