Frenemies to Lovers by Synithia Williams

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Frenemies to Lovers (Peachtree Cove #2.5) by Synithia Williams

The trouble with bad boys is that they’re so unforgettable…
Andre Kemp. Just hearing the name makes Tamara Bradford want to roll her eyes. Popular, gorgeous and arrogant…and every girl in high school wanted to date him. And while Tamara can’t deny how attractive he was then—and is now—she has no time for schoolgirl crushes. Charged with revitalizing downtown Peachtree Cove, Tamara has a full plate, and that includes managing a contractor to lead the town’s efforts. So when Andre walks in the door for the project meeting, she can’t control her surprise.

When Andre left Peachtree Cove, he swore he’d never move back. Too many bad memories. But when his mom needed his help, there was nowhere else he’d rather be. Still, seeing Tamara again blows his mind. She may have been a Goody Two-shoes back in school, but he never could forget those luminous brown eyes and kissable lips. Getting involved with her isn’t smart…for so many reasons. But he can’t seem to get her off his mind. And the more time they spend working together, the harder it is to let her go.

Frenemies to Lovers – Synithia Williams

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