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Forget Me Not by Jessi Hart

Everyone knows the age-old love story. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. They buy a house and end up with two kids and a dog. A happy family.

Unfortunately, some love stories don’t have happy endings and mine is one of them.
Port Nova, Maine, is a safe haven. A home where life can hold some semblance of normalcy and I can forget about the dark, muddy waters that plague my dreams at night. Forget them and let them rest.
That is— until a mysterious fisherman washes up on our shores and threatens to break down every wall I’ve carefully constructed around myself, forcing me to face the bare bones of who I am and decide if I want to keep living the way I have the last four years.
He’s burrowed into my heart and veins and now I’m afraid that when he leaves at the end of the summer, we’ll be tethered like the moon and sun for all eternity. Just two beings, bound by a connection, but a million miles apart.
Even if I’ll never see him again.
You don’t wake up a monster one day. You’re born into it. Bred for it.
One summer. A couple months and I’ll be gone, moving to a life in Alaska on the rough Bering Sea.
Nova Fischer has other plans. The little inn-keeper on some dusty island in the Atlantic has shadows in her pretty blue eyes and I make it my mission to find out just what— or who— put them there. What demons she’s hiding from and just how to end this newfound obsession with seeing her smile.
She should have run the moment she saw my jagged scars. I wouldn’t have blamed her.
I’m not the man that’s there for the long haul. I’m not her rock when she needs it most. I’m not her pillar of strength and I’m for damn sure not the person that deserves redemption at her hands.
I’ve got blood on my fingers that would stain her pretty, pale skin. I’m not the man for her. I know it. God knows it. Everyone knows it.
Except for her.
She still thinks there’s hope for me. I know better. Now, I’m torn between losing a new chance at life . . . and losing her.
What do you do when life gives you everything you’ve ever asked for . . .
And then you give it right back?

**Forget Me Not is a dark, standalone romance complete with a happily ever after, a morally gray hero with touch her and get toe-tagged energy, and a feisty heroine that keeps him on his toes.
(Please read trigger warnings)

Forget Me Not – Jessi Hart

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