Forever Focused by Ginny Sterling [ePub]

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Forever Focused (Flyboys: Second Generation) by Ginny Sterling

Michael ‘Thing Two’ Petersen had a legacy to live up to… and was failing – badly. Every time he turned around, it was like the rug was being pulled out from underneath him… including his beloved Poppy.
Penelope Walters was everyone’s friend – or at least she tried to be. There was no such thing as a stranger in her mind, and a newcomer was just a person in need of an introduction. So why was Michael avoiding her, ignoring her, and practically running away when she entered the room?

Was it because of that single stolen kiss?
… And what happens if she takes matters into her own hands?

Author’s note: Alpo’s son – and Houdini’s daughter from the series FLYBOYS
Each story is a stand-alone love story, giving you a glimpse of your favorite Flyboy characters in a sweet, secondary epilogue that you didn’t know you needed!

Forever Focused – Ginny Sterling

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