Forbidden Fruit by Rose Knight

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“In a world of danger and deception, who can you dare to love?”

Natalia Moretti lives a gilded life, heiress to a powerful mafia dynasty. But beneath the glitz, she yearns for freedom from her father’s oppressive control and arranged future. Natalia lives under the restrictions of being a mafia princess and the sheltered cage of luxury she’s enclosed within.
Leonardo Delacruz is a dangerous and alluring outsider, notorious for his ruthless reputation. But beneath the lethal exterior lies clever wit and roguish charm. With his sharp features and imposing frame, Leonardo exudes an aura of power and danger. He is not a man to be trifled with.
When Natalia’s defiant eyes meet Leonardo’s across a crowded casino floor, it’s electric – she’s immediately drawn to his rugged magnetism despite the risks. Leonardo tries to resist, but cannot deny the fierce desire brewing between them.
Against all reason, forbidden nights of passion ignite as Natalia and Leonardo steal away to indulge their feverish attraction. But when word of their affair gets back to Natalia’s mafia family, it ignites chaos within the warring clans.
With their defiant love suddenly under attack, Natalia and Leonardo must fight against vengeful forces scheming to tear them apart. For two wild hearts yearning to be free, it’s a race against time to outrun the dangerous legacies of the past and protect a love worth risking everything for.
But will defying such powerful forces spell their doom? Or can love truly conquer generations of hatred?

With its steamy encounters, witty banter, and unexpected twists, this Standalone will set your kindle on fire.

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