Flock And Roll by Vicki Hilton

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Flock And Roll (Tuft Swallow) by Vicki Hilton

Rowena Swan, Tuft Swallow’s reigning crochet queen, is living her best life—or so she thinks. She’s got a thriving Etsy store, her independence, and a firm resolve NOT to pine over her brother’s hockey-playing best friend, Brody Flockhart. But when he returns to their quirky small town, sidelined by injury and questioning his future, long forgotten sparks reignite.

In a move to spend more time with the woman he’s always loved, Brody convinces Rowena to join a roller derby tryout—with him as her coach. The snag? Rowena sets her own challenge, and he has to learn to crochet.
As they navigate the ups and downs of small-town life, roller rinks and crafting circles, will Brody realize he can’t find true happiness in fame and fortune? And will Rowena see that she’s worthy of love, just as she is?

Flock And Roll – Vicki Hilton

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