Finding Love in Micklewick Bay by Eliza J Scott

Finding Love in Micklewick Bay (Micklewick Bay #3) by Eliza J Scott – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Stella Hutton has everything under control. Her high-flying career as a lawyer relies on her keeping a calm, rational head on her shoulders. She hasn’t got time for love, or space for a man in her glamorous new apartment, a converted warehouse overlooking the rugged cliffs of Micklewick Bay.But when a handsome stranger walks into the Jolly Sailors pub, with a sparkle in his blue eyes and a head of dark curls, everything changes. Making a beeline for her, Alex Bainbridge introduces himself while a gorgeous Labrador waits at his feet. Electricity instantly sparks between Stella and Alex, as her heart flips inside her chest and her usual strict rules about men fly out the window…Stella thinks her crush will pass. But every time she bumps into Alex — on her daily jog along the promenade, at the supermarket, inside the Happy Hartes Bookshop — her feelings only grow stronger. Her close-knit group of friends have never seen her like this before. After thirty years of being happily single, has Stella finally met the one? Or will her cherished independence sabotage her chance at a forever love?

Finding Love in Micklewick Bay – Eliza J Scott ePUB

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