Fighting the Odds by Bre Rose

Fighting the Odds (Breaking Hearts Duet #2) by Bre Rose – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

One moment. One horrible moment.That’s all it took to rip my life apart.The scene in my apartment, when they showed up, didn’t help matters.
Now my life is in shambles.My sister is gone.Memories of that night start to flash in my brain after performing for a group of men I had no business performing for.The guys in my life are fighting for me.But I keep pushing them away.It’s best that way.But when secrets are revealed.Secrets that will forever affect my life.And the boy who broke my heart begs for forgiveness…What do I do?Fight. Fight for me. Fight for my sister. Fight for answers.I’m a survivor and no longer will I be a victim.

Fighting the Odds – Bre Rose ePUB

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