Fighting Fate by Charli Cotner

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Fighting Fate (NorthRidge University #1) by Charli Cotner

So, picture this: Milli’s all set for her college debut at NorthRidge University, aiming to keep things simple—find herself, dance, study, and keep those friendships ticking. Easy plan, right? But life, being the drama queen it is, tosses in a curveball.
Enter Miles Chasen.
He’s not your regular guy next door; Miles has been Milli’s partner-in-crime since forever, making every moment an adventure with his jokes and easy charm. But here’s the kicker—he’s also her bestie.
Why does he have to be the one thing she can’t have but totally wants—scratch that, needs?
Meanwhile, senior year for Miles was meant to be a victory lap, smooth sailing into his future as a hotshot doctor. But guess what? Life’s playing hardball. Every day, he’s wrestling with feelings for his best friend, Milli. And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s this looming, life-altering thing that threatens to knock his plans sideways.
Amidst the whirlwind of freshman chaos and senior uncertainties at NorthRidge, will Milli and Miles untangle their desires from life’s interruptions, or will fate steer the path of their hearts?

Fighting Fate – Charli Cotner

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