Fierce-Ben by Natalie Ann

Fierce-Ben (Fierce Matchmaking #13) by Natalie Ann – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

That old saying about karma holds true in Eve Hall’s mind. Her childhood was spent falling for peer pressure not only at home but in school, resulting in some not-so-nice actions and behaviors. To free herself of that and be the person she wants to be, she moves closer to her sister in hopes of repairing the damage she might have caused. She knows she can never be happy with herself, let alone in a relationship, until she can clear at least some of her conscience.

Ben Kelly knows what pressure feels like. But he’s not falling for it. Matter of fact, he rebelled against it every chance he could. Though he had his parents’ support, it was his grandfather who pulled all the strings. Years after the old man’s death, he meets Eve and realizes he’s still holding onto those rebellious actions. Can the two of them help the other move on or will they both be stuck in their past forever?

Fierce-Ben – Natalie Ann ePUB

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