Feuding with the Wolf Lord by Kimbra Grace

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Feuding with the Wolf Lord (Feuding Hearts) by Kimbra Grace

I know she’s a spy from the start.
Sophia, my new assistant, with hips that promise sin
and lips that whisper lies.
Sent by my rival to seduce me,
she’s a human in a den of corporate wolves eager to tear her apart.
Pawn or my plaything–my hungry wolf doesn’t give a ****.

So imagine my surprise when my inner wolf howls for her as our fated mate.
As the royal heir to the Faulkner fortune, love is the only luxury I can’t afford.
To protect my family’s legacy, I’m duty-bound to reject her,
yet she ignites my deepest desires.
So I decide to keep my lovely enemy close–intimately close.
Infuriatingly, Sophia resists my commands,
and slips through every trap I set up to snare her.
Then she delves too deep,
uncovering a dark secret even I didn’t know–
a black magic cult at the heart of my family’s power.
As the reigning lord, it’s up to me to make an impossible choice:
destroy the empire I’m destined to lead or save the woman I’m fated to love.

Feuding with the Wolf Lord – Kimbra Grace

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