Feels Like Falling by Alexandra Hale

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Feels Like Falling (Blackstone Falls #1) by Alexandra Hale

Ellison Mills was my childhood best friend, something I thought would last forever. Until she left Blackstone Falls and didn’t look back.

The rich girl, prim and proper, and way out of my league, Ellison was never meant to get caught up with a farm boy like me – but that didn’t stop us growing up.
She was wild back then, always looking for trouble – not that anyone would ever believe it.
We should have had a real chance at love. Instead, I was forced to let her go and she’ll never know why.
Ten years later, Ellison is back in town and it feels like she never left. She still makes my heart race and my blood run hot. And catching her skinny dipping or climbing through my bedroom window is only the beginning.

Being with Ellison and owning the farm are all I’ve ever wanted and now that I have her, I won’t let anything jeopardize our future.
So when her father shows up on her doorstep, I’ll do everything I can to keep the peace.
But the secret he’s keeping will shake Ellison to her core, rocking the foundation we’ve worked so hard to build.
This time, I’m way past falling. All I can do is hold on tight, and hope I can catch my girl before she hits the ground.

Feels Like Falling – Alexandra Hale

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