Falling for the Possessive Professor by Zoey Rose

Falling for the Possessive Professor (Curvy Wives of Willow Creek #10) by Zoey Rose – Free eBooks Download

Professors might be all about rules, but this one makes me want to throw mine out the window.

As a single mom and waitress, my days are a blend of orders and routine—until I meet Leon, a rugged and muscular history professor.
And when he offers to paint me, it’s nothing like what I expected. Flattering, surreal, it stirs something within me that I thought was lost.
The way he touches me reveals me in ways I’ve never seen, challenging my fears and inviting me to imagine a life shared with someone else. But I have a son. I’m not allowed to fall head over heels for someone I barely know.
Yet, as our connection deepens, I’m faced with a choice: cling to my rules or embrace the fragile, hopeful bond between us. Leon offers a chance at a new story, and for the first time, I’m tempted to let the pages turn.

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