Falling for the Marquess by Alexa Aston

Falling for the Marquess (The Strongs of Shadowcrest #3) by Alexa Aston – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

A war hero who returns to a title. A lady making her debut into Polite Society. Two people drawn together, yet others think them better apart . . .
Second son August Holt is serving as a captain in the Peninsular Wars when he is gravely injured. August loses an eye and also bears a hideous scar running from his brow to his cheek from a saber wound. He returns home in time to speak to his older brother, the Marquess of Edgethorne, on his deathbed. Peter makes August promise to attend the Season the following spring and find a bride.Lady Georgina Strong is ready to make her debut in Polite Society with two of her sisters and two cousins. Yet one after another changes her mind, and at the beginning of the Season, Georgie is the only one left to make her come-out. She has witnessed her twin Pippa wed for love, and Georgie decides she will settle for nothing less—even if it takes more than one Season to find true love.When August and Georgie meet, she is not repelled by his appearance in the least, seeing him for the man he is. The new marquess finds himself attracted to the kindhearted lady, but he views her as a bright star who would be dimmed if they became involved. Instead, he hopes his lofty title and wealth will persuade one of the ton’s wallflowers to agree to marry him. He will insist on separate lives and bury himself in the country, allowing his marchioness to raise their children.Georgie enjoys her Season and the attention of many suitors, but she constantly thinks of Lord Edgethorne, who stirs feelings within her which she is unfamiliar with. She wants not only a man who will love her—but a man who is her partner—and will help raise their children in a loving home.
Will the marquess settle for a marriage of convenience, or will he realize marriage with Georgina could see love flourish between them?

Falling for the Marquess – Alexa Aston ePUB

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