Fall With Me by Brooke Montgomery

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Fall With Me (Sugarland Creek #3) by Brooke Montgomery

A dislike to lovers stand-alone from small-town romance author Brooke Montgomery about a barrel racer who loses her memory and the rowdy cowboy she once hated but no longer remembers…

I’ve hated Landen Hollis for the past eleven years.
It’s no secret to anyone around us that I don’t like him, but no one knows why. I can’t tell them or I’d risk my pro barrel racing career that I love. Being at the top of my game and on the way to winning it all, he’s the last person I need interfering.
It’s bad enough that he’s one of my trainers and unavoidable, but he relentlessly seeks me out and pushes my buttons.
Even when I nearly choke to death, he’s there, saving my life.
We’re the opposite in every way. I thrive on routine and sticking to it.
He’s a playboy who never has serious relationships or commits to anything besides annoying me.
But then everything takes a turn for the worse when I get a concussion and forget who he is.
My world flips upside down when I wake up not recognizing the sexiest man I’ve ever seen—a six-foot-something, blue-eyed cowboy who’s looking at me like I’m his dream girl.
He tells me we shouldn’t get close because it’s only a matter of time before I get my memory back. And although I can’t remember why I hated him, I want to roll the dice and see where it takes me.
When flashes of the past resurface, and I start to remember everything, my life unravels from the secret I’ve been keeping—and what I never wanted him to know.
But a murder scandal always stirs up gossip in a Southern small town.

Fall With Me – Brooke Montgomery

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