Falkion by Starla Night

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Falkion (Blades of Arris #6) by Starla Night

Our relationship is complex.
His ancestors took over my planet.
I’m descended from the few who survived.
To say we have issues is to put it mildly.
He wants me off his warship.
I’m more than happy to oblige.
The ones who stay end up love-sick. Bound to one of them for all time.
I’m immune.
Their sickness will never be mine.
I might be immune, but he’s not.
Now the worst thing has happened.
I’m panicking and out of time.
My enemy is hunting.
Obsessed with one prey.
And somehow this might actually be fine…
Falkion and Zeerah’s story completes the award-winning, tumultuous science fiction romance series! The Blades of Arris series contains unique alien shifters, fierce passion, and couples who defy everything to be together. Although it continues plot lines from previous novels, this complete, self-contained, epic happily-ever-after can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Falkion – Starla Night

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