Fake Out Hearts by Nikki Lawson

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Fake Out Hearts by Nikki Lawson

He’s my ex’s rival. The gorgeous, tatted up bad boy of the NHL…

And now he’s my husband.
When my ex breaks up with me in a very public way, all I want to do is hide from the world. But instead, I end up having the hottest night of my life with Theo Camden—a right winger for the Aces and my ex’s biggest rival.
It’s only supposed to be one night, but when Theo finds out that I’ll be deported since I lost my job after the breakup, he proposes something else.
We’ll tie the knot in Vegas and spend a few years living together, pretending this thing between us is real. Then I’ll be free to stay in the country and we can both go our own ways.
But being fake married is more complicated than I thought—especially when the line between fake and real starts to blur.
Kisses that were supposed to be just for show start to feel like something else, and when Theo learns to cook my favorite foods and calls me “my wife,” I realize I’m doing the one thing I was never supposed to do…
I’m falling for the husband I can’t keep.
Because once he learns the secret I’ve been hiding, this will all be over.

Fake Out Hearts – Nikki Lawson

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