Fake Out by Layla Valentine

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Fake Out: The Football Star’s Fake Date (Sports and Sinners) by Layla Valentine

She told her boss she wanted a challenge,
With this football star, she might have bitten off more than she can chew…

What is it they say about being careful what you wish for?
I was champing at the bit to make it as a sports agent,
I wasn’t expecting my boss to let me cut my teeth on an infamous bad boy…
His football career is in the toilet; no team will touch him with a ten-foot pole,
If I’m going to turn the tide, extreme measures are required…
Mixing business with pleasure was always going to be a dangerous game,
But in Charlie’s case, I figured it was worth it.
A fake relationship will show the world he’s capable of change,
And I know just the right candidate to help steer this ship…

I’ve never been a relationship kind of guy, so faking it with my agent seemed like a decent substitute,
Marissa makes it easy to pretend – a little too easy in fact,
But both our careers are on the line here, and there’s no way I’d risk everything I’ve worked for over a crush.
So long as we can keep things professional, we might just get away with it,
My bad it didn’t work out…

Fake Out: The Football Star’s Fake Date – Layla Valentine

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