Exiled Mate by Vera Rivers

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Exiled Mate (Wolves of Oakwood #4) by Vera Rivers

I never gave up on her. But I might not be worthy of a second chance.
Exiled from my pack two years ago, I’ve been watching over Terra, the woman I love, from the shadows. Now, with danger threatening the only thing that matters to me, it’s time to come home and face the truth.
Terra never knew the real reason behind my exile, but when fate brings us together again, the attraction between us reignites, stronger than ever.

As we work to uncover the truth and expose the traitor in our midst, the passion between us grows, but I’m haunted by the secret that drove me away.

Time is running out. If I can’t clear my name before my thirtieth birthday, I’ll lose my ability to shift, and worse, I’ll lose Terra forever.
The stakes have never been higher. This time, I’ll fight with everything I have to keep her safe and claim our second chance at love.

Exiled Mate – Vera Rivers

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