Eruption by James Patterson

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Eruption by Michael Crichton, James Patterson

When everything is at stake, how far would you go to save your neighbor?
When German forces invade the Channel Islands and the citizens of Jersey are cut off from the rest of the UK, the islands’ residents bond together to resist the enemy.

East London native Helen Bowman was never meant to be here, but when she found herself alone and pregnant her beloved aunt’s home in Jersey was the only place she could go. But now, as the enemy start rounding up anyone not born on the island to be sent to a camp on the continent, Helen is forced to rely on the kindness of strangers, like her new friend Peggy Hamel, to keep herself and her son hidden.
But as the Nazis’ net closes in, it’s soon more than just detection that is at stake for Helen and Peggy – it’s their very lives…

Eruption – Michael Crichton, James Patterson

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