Echoes of Home by Jo Grafford

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Echoes of Home (Heart Lake #12) by Jo Grafford

A renowned archeologist rarely visits her cozy hometown, because she’s secretly crushing on the sheriff. But a string of danger brings them together to unravel a century-old mystery involving a missing heiress.

Bliss Hawling has been in love with Sheriff Gil Remington since their silly first kiss in high school. Someone dares him to do it, so it’s mostly a joke — to everyone but her. A few years later, he marries someone else.
Now he’s a widower. After the funeral, she plans to leave town again and never return. However, Gil arm twists her into coming back for one last visit. The town council needs her to identify DNA markers for two sets of mummified remains to determine if there’s a living heir to an unclaimed fortune from one of their founding families. But the unexpected danger the assignment stirs isn’t something a woman in love can simply walk away from.

Echoes of Home – Jo Grafford

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